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Branded Formulations

    • Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
      Amaryl Tabs 2mg Aventis 10x10'
      Asthalin Tabs 4mg Cipla 140x10'
      Avil Tabs 25mg Aventis 80x15'
      Banocide Tabs 100mg GSK 50x10'
      Baycip tabs 500mg Bayer 10x10'
      Benadryl Caps 25mg Pfizer 15x10'
      Betnelan Tabs 0.5mg GSK 50x10'
      Brufen Tabs 400mg Abbott 50x10'
      Calpol Tabs 500mg GSK 50x10'
      Carisoma tabs 350mg Wallace 25x10'
      Caverta Tabs 100mg Ranbaxy 2x4'
      Celestone Tabs Fulford 35x10'
      Combantrin Tabs Pfizer 40x1'
      Complamina Tabs G. Remedies 10x10'
      Coversyl Tabs 4mg Serdia 3x10'
      Dalacin-C Caps 300mg Pharmacia 2x8'
      Depicor-SR Tabs 20mg Merck 5x20'
      Diamicron Tabs 80mg Serdia 20x10'
      Dilantin Caps 100mg Pfizer 100's
      Dolamide Tabs Ranbaxy 20x10'
      Duphaston Tabs 10mg Solvay 10x10'
      Euglucon Tabs 5mg NPIL 80x10'
      Fasigyn Tabs 500mg Pfizer 25x4'
      Fadine Tabs 40mg Aristo 20x14'
      Finpecia tabs 1mg Cipla 10x10'
      Frisium Tabs 5mg Aventis 10x10'
      Glucobay Tabs 50mg Bayer 12x10'
      Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
      Hytrin Tabs 2mg Abbott 5x10'
      Imdur Tabs AstraZeneca 12x15'
      Inderal Tabs 40mg NPIL 30x10'
      Kalzana Tabs G. Remedies 10x10'
      Lasix Tabs 40mg Aventis 80x15'
      Lomotil Tabs 40mg RPG (Searle) 350x10'
      Lopresor Tabs 100mg Novartis 10x10'
      Mebex Tabs 100mg Cipla 140x6'
      Neksium Tabs 40mg AstraZeneca 2x14'
      Nizral Tabs J&J 10x10'
      Novamox Caps 500mg Cipla 60x6'
      Ovral-L Tabs Wyeth 20x21'
      Persantin Tabs 25mg G. Remedies 10x10'
      Phexin Caps 250mg GSK 10x10'
      Ponstan Tabs 500mg Pfizer 20x10'
      Pyridium Tabs 200mg PharmaLink 10x10'
      Sibelium Tabs 5mg Ethnor 15x10'
      Silagra Tabs 5mg Cipla 10x4'
      Storvas Tabs 5mg Stancare 10x10'
      Tegrital Tabs 200mg Novartis 10x10'
      Trental Tabs 400mg Aventis 10x15'
      Voveran Tabs 50mg Novartis 25x15'
      Zentel Tabs 400mg GSK 100x1'
      Zilee Tabs 500mg FDC 10x10'
      Zivast Tabs 10mg FDC 10x10'
      Zyloric Tabs 100mg GSK 10x10'
      Zovirax Tabs 400mg GSK 5x10'
    • Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
      Amoxil Caps 500mg G. Remedies 10x6'
      Augmentin Tabs 625mg GSK 1x6'
      Bactrim-DS Tabs NPIL 20x10'
      Baralgan-M Tabs Aventis 20x10'
      Becosules Caps Pfizer 15x15'
      Betaloc Tabs 100mg Astra 20x10'
      Bricanyl Tabs 5mg Astra 60x20'
      Buscopan Tabs 10mg G. Remedies 20x10'
      Candid V Tabs 100% Glenmark 1x6'
      Catapres Tabs 0.150mg G. Remedies 10x10'
      Ceftum Tabs 250mg GSK 5x4'
      CoAprovel Tabs SanofiAventis 1x14'
      Combiflam Tabs Aventis 40x15'
      Concor Tabs 5mg Merck 3x10'
      Daflon Tabs 500mg Serdia 10x10'
      Daonil Tabs 5mg Aventis 60x10'
      Dexona Tabs 0.5mg Cadila 40x10'
      Diamox Tabs 250mg Wyeth 36x10'
      Dilzem Tabs 60mg Torrent 50x10'
      Dulcolax Tabs 5mg G. Remedies 20x10'
      Duvadilan Tabs 10mg Solvay 10x50'
      Evion Caps 100mg E. Merck 10x10'
      Fefol Caps GSK 20x15'
      Fincar Tabs 5mg Cipla 20x10'
      Flagyl Tabs 400mg Nicholas 50x10'
      Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
      Geftinat Tabs 250mg Natco 30's P btl
      I-Pill Piramal 1x1'
      Imodium Caps 2mg J&J 50x4'
      Isordil Tabs 5mg Ipca 20x10'
      Ketostril Tabs Fresenius 5x20'
      Lomac Caps 20mg Cipla 30x10'
      Lopid Tabs 600mg Pfizer 10x10'
      Methergin Tabs 0.125mg Novartis 12x10'
      Misoprost Tabs 200mcg Cipla 10x4'
      Neurobion Forte Tabs Merck 50x10'
      Novaclox Caps 250/250mg Cipla 20x9'
      Nucoxia Tabs 120mg Cadila 15x10'
      Penegra Tabs 100mg Cadila 1x4'
      Phenergan Tabs 10mg NPIL 50x10'
      Plendil Tabs 5mg AstraZeneca 10x10'
      Proxyvon Caps Wokhardt 18x8'
      Serenace Tabs 5mg RPG 60x10'
      Sibutrium Caps 10mg Glenmark 20x10'
      Stamlo Tabs 5mg Dr. Reddy's 20x15'
      Stugeron Tabs 75mg Ethnor 20x20'
      Tenormin Tabs 50mg Nicholas 18x14'
      Veenat Caps 100mg Natco 120's
      Zefu Tabs 500mg FDC 10x10'
      Zifi Tabs 200mg FDC 10x10'
      Zinetac Tabs 300mg GSK 20x10'
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  • Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
    Bactroban Ointment 2% GSK 5g
    Betnovate-C Cream GSK 30g
    B-Tex Lotion B-Tex 15ml
    Caladryl Lotion J&J 50ml
    Candid B Cream Glenmark 15g
    Canesten Vag. Cream 20mg Bayer 30g
    Daktarin Gel Ethnor 20g
    Elocon Cream 0.1% Fulford 5g
    Iodex Ointment GSK 20g
    Nixoderm Cream Muller & Phipps 20g
    Oxytetracycline Ointment Pfizer 15g
    Quadriderm Cream Fulford 10g
    Soframycin Cream Aventis 20g
    Tenovate Ointment GSK 15g
    Tinaderm-M Cream Fulford 10g
    Xylocaine Jelly Astra 30g
    Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
    Betnovate Cream GSK 20g
    Betnovate-N Cream GSK 20g
    B-Tex Ointment B-Tex 14g
    Caladryl Lotion J&J 100ml
    Canesten Cream 10mg Bayer 15g
    Daivonex Ointment Win Medicare 30g
    Dolonex Gel Pfizer 15g
    Fucidin Cream Croslands 10g
    Lotriderm Cream Fulford 10g
    Nizral Cream Ethnor 15g
    Proctosedyl Cream Aventis 10g
    Sofradex Cream Aventis 15g
    Tenovate GSK 30g
    Thrombophob Gel G. Remedies 20g
    Voveran Emulgel Novartis 30g
    Zovirax Optha. Ointment GSK 5g
  • Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
    Actifed-DM Syrup GSK 100ml
    Benadryl Cough Formula J&J 150ml
    Bricanyl Syrup 1.5mg / 5ml Astra 100ml
    Diovol Forte Susp. Wallace 170ml
    Metrogyl Susp. 200mg / 5ml J B Chem 60ml
    Secef Susp. 100mg / 5ml Novartis 30ml
    Tegrital Syrup 100mg / 5ml Novartis 100ml
    Ventorlin Syrup GSK 100ml
    Bactrim Syrup NPIL 50ml
    Benadryl Syrup Pfizer 100ml
    Combantrin Suspension Pfizer 10ml
    Mebex Susp. 100mg / 5ml Cipla 30ml
    Novamox Syrup 125mg / 5ml Cipla 60ml
    Septran Suspension 40mg / 5ml GSK 50ml
    Tixylix Syrup NPIL 60ml
    Zentel Suspension SKB 10ml
  • Skin PreparationsManufacturerPacking
    Abdec Drops Parke Davis 15ml
    Alphagan-Z Eye Drops Allergan 5ml
    Betnesol-N E/E Drops GSK 5ml
    Candid Ear Drops Glenmark 170ml
    Candid V Tabs 100% Glenmark 1x6'
    Chlormycetin Ear Drops 5% Pfizer 5ml
    Ciplox-D Eye Drops Cipla 10ml
    Ciplox E/E Drops Cipla 5ml
    Cystone Tabs Himalaya 60'
    Iotim Drops 0.5% FDC 5ml
    Lumigan Eye Drops Allergan 3ml
    Minirin Nasal Spray 10mcg Ferring 2.5ml
    Otrivin Drops 0.05% Novartis 10ml
    Otrivin Drops 0.10% Novartis 10ml
    Pataday Eye Drops Alcon 2.5ml
    Patanol Eye Drops 0.1% Alcon 5ml
    Pyrimon Eye Drops FDC 5ml
    Restasis Eye Drops 0.05% Allergan 32x4 ml
    Soframycin E/E Drops Aventis 5ml
    Soframycin Eye Drops Aventis 5ml
    Travatan Eye Drops 0.004% Alcon 2.5ml
    Voveran Opthalmic Drops Novartis 5ml